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Vehicle Donations Made Easy!  Visit Here to find out about CARS & donating!!

Do you have a car that no longer runs? Have no use for it? Get rid of that junky car that you’ve let sit in the driveway or garage for far too long! Donate it to Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter!

We have partnered up with another non-profit, Vehicles for Charity, in the hopes of raising some money for LHS! The idea is simple: click on THIS LINK, fill out the form (it’s quick and easy), and in a couple of days, a local towing company will take your car away for FREE. The majority of the proceeds from the scrap metal and/or any other usable parts get donated to Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter! Ayres can make up to SEVERAL HUNDRED dollars for each car donated.

Take your driveway or your garage BACK and help a GREAT CAUSE at the same time!


Vehicle donors are incredible people! For nearly 20 years, CARS has delivered reliable service to more than one million donors. We treat each donor with the respect and gratitude they deserve for their heartfelt gift. We truly understand the emotional journey of letting go of a car. There are many reasons why someone will give a vehicle – changing life circumstances, avoiding costly repairs, or simply out of convenience. Whatever the reason, we're here to make the donation process as easy as possible!

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