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We hope you fall in love with one of these pups like we all have!

Adopting a Dog or Kitty from Ayres

We, at Ayres, want the adoptive homes our pets find to be forever.  We love each of these babes that pass through our doors to have the most love and the happiest of lives.  Finding our dogs and kitties their perfect forever home is extremely important to everyone at Ayres. We do our best to match potential adopters with new pets who would best fit into their families and we pride ourselves in being completely honest when it comes to each dog or cat and any quirks they may have. We understand that finding a new family member and adding them to your home can be a lot, and we strive to help make it as easy and happy of a process as possible!

You found a dog or cat that you are interested in on our site, now what?

Shoot us an email at, message us on Facebook or call us at 518-673-5670 and find out if the pet is still available, ask us any questions and we will help to see if he/she is the right fit for your family!

I reached out and the pet is available, how do I meet him/her?  

We are only doing meet and greets by appointment with approved applications.  We are not doing meet and greets with other pets or doing walk in appointments. Often times the dog that you may be interested in, may be on an outing with their shelter buddy or they may be in foster, so making an appointment is highly recommended. If you are interested in getting an application, one can be picked up at the shelter, emailed to you, filled out online here or can be found below. (The application is easier to fill out on a computer verses a smartphone.)


Why do other dogs in the home have to meet the dog we are adopting?   

Just like people. dogs don’t always hit it off, so a meet and greet always has to be done to ensure they are a good match for one another and that everyone can live happily in the new home together.

What happens after I put in the paperwork and apply to for the dog or cat?

Give staff at least a week to go over the application.  From there, staff will call or email you to set up the go home.  For dogs, we do reserve the right to do a home visit for any or all dogs going home.  This is sometimes best for some of our dogs to ensure that they settle in safely to their new environment and to make sure all animals get along in the home and that it is a good place for said dog to call home. Don’t worry, we are absolutely NOT critical on home visits. Just want to make sure that it is safe for our dogs to live in.

I'm saving a life, why is there an adoption fee?

We are so thankful that you have decided to add a new pet into your family! We wish we could do the work we do without having to have an adoption fee, but unfortunately that is a huge part of what keeps our doors open to help the next dog.

I'm interested in a dog or kitty that you have at Ayres, but curious - where do the animals come from?

Ayres is proud to say that we are one of the only area shelters who solely has animals come from the great state of New York.  We understand that other states have huge issues, but we will never prioritize out of area animals when there are so many in our community that need us so desperately.  We take most of our animals from the towns of Mohawk, Minden, Palatine Bridge, Fultonville, Canajoharie, Charleston and the town of Root. We also take from the Cities of Canajoharie, Fort Plain, Fultonville. We do take animals from out of our general area when we are able.  We can nearly always guarantee that our animals are from one of the following counties if not from Montgomery County : Schoharie, Herkimer, Fulton. But we have branched out further, but always stay with helping animals in New York.  That we can guarantee!

Adult Dogs: $150

The adoption includes: Rabies Vaccination, Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv Distemper Vaccination, Microchipping, Heartworm/Lyme Testing, Lyme and/or Heartworm Treatment if needed, Neuter/Spay, Deworming and Flea Treatment if needed.

Puppies: $100 adoption + Variable spay/neuter deposit depending on gender/weight.  (Deposit subject to change)

The adoption includes:  Age appropriate vaccinations, dewormings and microchipping. Puppies are not adopted out until at least 9 weeks of age.  *The spay/neuter deposit is refunded when your adopted puppy is altered at your own vet, or applied towards a spay/neuter appointment with one of our vets.

The adoption application is easier to fill out on a computer verses a smartphone.

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