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Couch to Couch

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Rehoming your pet

We want to be able to truly help as many animals locally as possible.  But that isn't always possible as our space doesn't allow for it! 

So we are launching our own COUCH - to - COUCH idea! 

This will help you rehome your loved pet, keep him or her out of the shelter and get them right onto a new couch! 

To fill out a background sheet on your dog or cat click below! Please make sure to upload photos so that we can better showcase your pet. We will also post on our social media. 

Please understand that we will just be posting, we will not be screening adopters.  We will be helping you get the word out about your pet that needs a new couch to land on. 

We can offer a questionnaire for you to ask or to send to anyone interested in being the new home for your beloved pet.

**Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter, Inc has not met the animals listed on our Couch to Couch page. We do not know the temperaments, socialization or medical condition more than what is provided from the individual rehoming.  Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter, Inc is not guaranteeing health, temperament or training of the animals posted for rehoming and by considering adding one of these pets to your home, you are releasing the Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter, Inc from all liability once the animal is in your possession.**

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