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Lost & Found!

I lost my pet!

What should you do when you have lost your pet?

  • Call your local police department, animal control officer, vets offices and shelters. 

  • Post a photo, description and reliable contact information to social media. 

  • Hang flyers and go door to door starting with where your pet was last seen 

  • Have neighbors check sheds and under buildings frequently. 

  • Put clothing that smells familiar and yummy food in one spot to hopefully keep your pup or kitty close. For kitties, put out their litter box to help draw them back into their familiar smell. 

Animal Control Officers: Municipalities for Ayres Shelter:
To Call in a Lost or Found pet
If you are unable to reach the animal control officer, please contact Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 518-853

Village of Fort Plain

Jim Brownell  


Town of Minden

Jim Brownell  


Town of Mohawk

Rosalie Santos


Town of Glen

Brian Ailing

518-848-2102; 518-922-5271

Town of Palatine Bridge

Cheryl Sebastian


Town of Canajoharie

Steve Fredenburg


Village of Canajoharie

Canajoharie PD


Towns of Root & Charleston

Rick Rickard


You can now submit a Lost Pet Form and picture directly to us! Please click here!

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