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We are excited to be able to start our 4th Annual New Year, New Leash on Life raffle! This has been a hugely successful thing for the dogs and cats at Ayres! AND not to mention that there are THREE winners who walked away with Cash Mulah.  Win - win!

 How does this work?!

  • Only 500 tickets will be sold.

  • There's no end date for the raffle - just when tickets are all sold out.

  • The drawing will be done live on facebook when the last ticket is sold.

  • We will put a notice out when the video would be.

  • Tickets are $10/each.

How do I get tickets?

  • Checks can be sent to Ayres Shelter: 133 Hilltop Rd Sprakers NY 12166. Please include a phone number to contact if you win and the number of tickets! 

  • You are here - so donate through our Donorbox online software!

  • Call the shelter at 518-673-5670 and we can run a card over the phone.

  • Email, or message us on Facebook, with any questions or to set up a time to come up and buy tickets at the Shelter.

  • If you know a volunteer or board member, they will be selling tickets, too!

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